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Our 2019 Top Picks For Fitness, Health, & Wellness Blogs

The year is half over and hopefully you are still on track with your fitness goals. If you are, congratulations! You’ve proven that a few (or several) changes to your daily eating habits, workout routines, and life goals can show progress. Now, if you’ve fallen off the fitness routine wagon, maybe it’s time to regroup, refocus, and reframe your health and fitness goals.

We pull a lot of inspiration from these sources and many of our team members live by them. So, we want to share them with you, too! We’ve put together 15 of the top health and fitness blogs on the internet to help you re-energize your routines – whether they are workout or diet-related.


MyFitnessPal provides powerful tools that make it easier for anyone to live a healthier life by tracking their meals and physical activity. MyFitnessPal is part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community, Under Armour Connected Fitness™.

Chocolate Covered Katie

We all love to eat, and this blog covers all sorts of “healthy” dessert recipes. Because even the most dedicated athlete enjoys a bout of decadence and sweetness, occasionally.

Fit Bottomed Girls

For those who get frustrated with the status quo and ideals of what we “should” be, Fit Bottomed Girls offers a refreshing change of pace. The founders, both certified fitness pros, preach confidence and body positivity. They take a thoughtful approach to fitness, instead of quick, lose-fat-in-10-days results. Their roadmap to a healthier life is a combo of nutrition-packed recipes, doable daily workouts, and a good dose of meditation.

Happy Fit Mama

This one’s for the exercise-minded — especially runners, as blogger Angela is an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and RRCA Running Coach. You’ll find a whole slew of running workouts, both for the treadmill and outdoors.

Muscle & Brawn

Muscle & Brawn contains a lot of excellent advice on power-lifting and bodybuilding. If this is your desired area of fitness, definitely check out M&B. Steve gives solid, real advice.

Jessi Kneeland

She’s a body confidence coach, writer, & speaker on a mission to set women free from the life-crippling effect of body image issues.

Gym Talk

Gym Talk adds humor into the equation, and they try not to take things too seriously. That being said, they feature some great advice and a lot of different supplement reviews for you to check out.

Science for Fitness

Science for Fitness is perfect for those wanting to know more about the science behind exercising and heavily covers topics like ‘CrossFit’, as well as product recommendations for other fitness enthusiasts.

Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is another fitness blog designed for women, by women. The blog covers a wide range of categories such as pregnancy, stress management, nutrition, mindset, fat loss, strength training, you name it.

Gym Junkies

Gym Junkies is one of the best fitness blogs on thenet, and is very easy to navigate around. It’s split into two sides; fitness articles and lifestyle articles.

Born Fitness 

Born Fitness’ goal is to make sure its readers have a place where questions about health, fitness, and nutrition are answered in a helpful way as possible. They bank on a pool of fitness experts who can create health- and fitness-related solutions for every individual who needs their advice.

Fit Men Cook

Healthy recipes for men and women that want to live healthier & active lives. No boring food here. Only creative, healthy eating on a practical budget.

ACE Healthy Living Blog

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) was established on the belief that movement helps people feel alive and is essential for achieving health. Their blog is a reflection of this core belief and gives information about nutrition, fitness, and in-depth info about having a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

Mentality WOD

Learning how to deal with stress and pressure are integral to progressing toward a healthier overall self. Mentality WOD is dedicated to helping you improve not only your CrossFit performance but also your success in your daily life outside of the gym. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness progress, mental training may be the piece you need to reach that next level.

Fitness in the City

Healthy living in an urban environment comes with its own set of unique challenges. Fitness In The City is targeted at working professionals in urban settings seeking an escape through their diet and fitness pursuits.

Workouts, mental health, food prep, weightlifting, and much more are covered in these 15 health and fitness blogs. Check them out to keep your workout routine fresh and fulfilling. Remember, 2020 is less than six months away!


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